Redefining watching TV shows

The Internet has improvised the experience of viewing of TV soaps and series. Due to the former, now the concept of home theatre is getting commercialized and dynamic slowly, where one can enjoy all of the movies and TV series easily within the comforts of their mobile devices and laptops. A large number of options for the same are available over the internet and one can choose the best one that can suit their interests and tastes. This article talks more about the online TV series streaming and the famous apps and websites like putlocker that air such content over the internet.

The best of the apps

The following are some of the best and popular apps and websites for online TV series streaming:

  • IntoNow- This is a social TV app where one can not only watch their favorite TV series episodes but can also share these along with their friends over the various social networking websites. This app has a huge collection of TV series in different languages and hence can gauge the tastes of a wide range of different audiences across the globe.
  • Netflix- It is the no. 1 Tv series app that is running very famous in all of the nations and hence has versions pertaining to that particular nation only. Along with the English series, it also houses the regional series and movies that can be enjoyed easily by a large section of people. It has three types of subscription plans that can be availed as per one’s convenience.
  • Crackle- It is another amongst the list of the popular apps and websites, where one can watch full-length movies as well as the TV series episodes without paying a single amount. The best thing is that the latest episodes get updated within hours of the original airing over the TV.
  • GetGlue- It has a net viewership of above million viewers. It has a hub of a wide range of TV series that can also be shared among your friends via the different networking websites and apps.
  • Zeebox- It is an easy to use social TV series app that improvises the TV watching experience of the people. It has a filtered search option that allows one to screen out his or her favorite show easily.
  • Miso- This app has an additional feature of offering various offers to its regular viewers as well as showing them the bits of trivia in a glance about these TV series.
  • Yamgo- It is the online forum having more than 100 languages of different types and genres. It also supports live streaming of some of the episodes or functions.