Top influencers posting gift ideas can help you sell more

Influencer marketing continues to shape any retailers digital marketing strategy. Brands gift top influencer’s instead of paying them to create branded posts. This is often seen as an effective way to activate influencers to inspire and create content around the product driving brand awareness and conversions. Top influencers allow brand to reach quickly even themselves becoming customer and feel compelled to share it across the social media. This strategy helps brands to reach greater audience and influencers have greater ability to convert their trusted followers into shoppers. Marketers choose social media influencers rather than celebrities because they have access to a dedicated audience that has survived on trust directly seeking advice and inspiration on style, beauty, technology and fashion. Intellifluence is a platform where they provide detailed information of different bloggers and help brands to set up collaboration to top gift influencers at scale ensuring guaranteed results and real time tracking.

Three main reason why gifting top influencers is better than paying

  1. Brands realize when influencers are paid, audience feel lack of genuineness and authenticity, however gifting removes this pressure and does not create fake sugar coated review. The authenticity provided by influencers is important to customers.
  2. Easier to deploy at scale which means instead of using agencies to reach merely 10-50 influencers brands can reach hundreds of influencers at once.  For example, TomTom gifted 45 social influencers to promote their fitness tracker to launch in Europe. The brand earned huge exposure on the new product.
  3. Brands can reach micro influencers who are likely to possess more engaged and loyal audience than even compared to major celebrities. Brands can tap this audience who were not easily accessible before.

How can brands improve their gifting strategy?

Set Goals:  Brands before sending off their gifts have to decide their goal and outcome. It is essential to see how specific product fits into the influencer’s strategy. If the desire is for exposure on Instagram but influencer fails to promote, you will be disappointed therefore keep your expectation realistic and do not deem efforts failure.

Curate your product to individual influencer: The best way to get a shot at engagement with influencer is when a product matches influencer’s expectation and brands have to carefully curate to personal taste and aesthetics.

Tell a story: Brands should try to put the product in perspective of the influencer. Does the blogger often makes remark about price, appeal for attributes in a products he feels deems fit, then carefully assess those point and place the product in context to make connection for influencers.

The top gift influencers will make authentic reviews and enable to generate sales. To show gratitude to their efforts brands can keep gifting for future promotions.