Wool rugs – better option for homes

Wool rugs are made by shearing the skin from sheep’s. This type of wools is soft and fuzzy. Even though there are different kinds of rugs available, wool rugs has its own position in the market. These types of wool rugs have a good retention, which means it retains its original appearance even after long use. Wool rugs are always durable. These rugs last longer when used in a right way and maintained properly.

Wool rugs are strong and resistant. They are so authentic that they bring a natural look to the room. It looks so stylish and brings a classy appearance when put up in a place. The wool rugs are always healthy for the environment and people living around since it does not contain any harmful toxins. Also it does not promote growth of bacteria or mites to develop. It is always safe for the family members.

Maintenance is easy but with care

When compared with other fibres, wool rugs require a little more care to be taken in maintenance. There is more chance for these rugs to get shrinked when not maintained proper. So wool rugs have to be cleaned by professionals who are familiar with working in it. Since wool is a natural fibre it is prone to shedding of the layers.

How resistant wool rugs are

To stain

The wool rugs are less resistant to stain in comparison with other fibres. The absorbing capacity of wool is high, when there is a stain it gets completely absorbed and retains ever. To overcome this problem the stain needs to be removed as soon as possible.

To heat

The wool rugs are heat resistant as they do not burn when exposed to fire but it blackens. So care should take to see that they are not exposed to fire.

Natural humidifier

The wool rugs act as humidifiers itself and when the air is humid rugs absorb the moisture and when the air is dry, rugs release the moisture and becomes dry. But wool rugs are not suitable for usage in places like bathrooms or damp places.

Wool rugs are expensive when compared to other type of fibres. Since it is a natural material, it has great demand in markets which makes it cost more. But there are also low costs rugs available. Wool rugs can also be purchased online. Many websites provides us with tremendous collections of wool rugs from which we can pick according to our style.